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This year's prize structure is vastly different from previous years. In the past The Nonprofit Council has covered a large percentage of the prizes out of our own operating budget. However, like many of you we have been faced with the reality that we currently do not have the same level of financial discretion that we once enjoyed. In order to adjust to this and to continue to provide a giving day that fulfills its purpose in the truest sense we have realigned the way in which we distribute "prize" money and sponsor dollars. Going forward we will be changing the prize structure of Big Give to focus on Match Minutes.

Match Minutes are a much more equitable way to distribute our available dollars across our participating agencies. They have been used with great success in a number of other giving days around the country. For more information on Match Minutes you can click here.

We look forward to bringing you a successful, fun-filled giving day on September 10, regardless of the format. Thank you for being part of Big Give!


The Nonprofit Council reserves the right to request additional documentation to verify an organization’s tax exempt status or eligibility.

Prizes and Match Minutes are offered to increase the engagement and excitement of the day, but should NOT be the sole reason for an agency to participate in the Big Give. Prize monies offered are contingent upon the generosity of our sponsors and are not guaranteed from year to year.

Only donations made through the Big Give portal will count toward any prizes offered as part of the 24 hour event. Please note: offline gifts (cash and checks) count toward overall dollars raised but are not eligible for any prizes or Match Minutes.

All prize winners will undergo an audit by the Big Give team within 10 business days following the event. If an agency is found to have manipulated donor data in any way, the agency shall forfeit their prize. Please refer to Prize Rules for more information.

A unique donor is identified by donor NAME, last 4-digits of donor’s credit card & donor email.

All cash prize winners will be subject to providing their most recent 990 filing and/or previous year’s financials. This will be required to verify all prize winners’ budget size.

To read the full Match Minutes prize rules and details, click here to download a PDF!