Big Give in-person trainings are only open to participating nonprofits, with the exception of Boot Camp. Training registration links for the workshops below are sent via email after your nonprofit is approved. The webinars are open to the public.

February 9 & 10 - San Antonio, New Braunfels and Hill Country Bootcamps - Boot Camps allow you a dedicated planning session for your Big Give campaign. We will cover setting goals, time and preparation tactics, the new features of your beautiful Big Give profile, the power of peer-to-peer fundraising champions, donor cultivation, stewardship and communications as some of the key best practices for a successful #BigGive2017.

February 22 (moved from March 1) - Social Media Marketing Data - Social media has been around for more than a decade, and yet, many nonprofits still struggle to evaluate how well their social media efforts are paying off. This workshop will provide a framework to evaluate the cost and staff time/resources spent on social media, as well as the results that are achieved. It will present strategies for advertising success and ways to frame your social media ROI to organizational leadership. This intermediate level session is geared toward marketing, communications, and development staff, or anyone who makes decisions about how best to invest in various media channels.

March 1 (moved from Feb. 27) - Giving Day Best Practices Nonprofit Panel - Since 2009, communities across the country have come together to host organized days of giving. Hear from nonprofit peers in DALLAS & MIAMI on how they plan and strategize for a successful day!

March 1 - Sharing Your Story through Marketing & Promotions Webinar

March 7 - Effective Communication in Rural Communities (Fredericksburg and New Braunfels) - Adirondack Foundation Communications Officer Chris Morris will explore the strategies his organization has employed to communicate with donors and grantees, as well as effective marketing approaches that partners of the foundation have employed across the Adirondack region.

March 9 - Peer-to-Peer Fundraising for the Pros - This workshop will include a presentation, work session, and share-out. We will focus on using these strategies for your Big Give platform, but the teachings will be applicable across diverse P2P platforms, and participants will be encourage to apply what they've learned to both in-person and online fundraising activities throughout the calendar year.

March 21 - Calling All Board Members! Board Engagement in the Big Give (San Antonio) and March 23 (New Braunfels) - Board members and nonprofit representatives should attend to learn how Board members can make Big Give 2017 a record-setting success. Come learn practical ways that you can: 1) Help promote the Big Give; 2) Engage in effective donor outreach; 3) Be a fundraising champion; 4) Leverage your community contacts.

March 28 - Media Panel Workshop for Nonprofits - Big Give nonprofit participants and the Association for Women in Communications members will gain tips, tools and tricks from an expert, local media panel who will answer questions regarding positioning, articles, news releases and how to use those tools to successfully gain media coverage, specifically for nonprofits.

March 30 - The Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Webinar

April 6 - 10 Final Steps for Big Give Success Webinar

April 11 - Planning for a Crisis (San Antonio & New Braunfels) - You already have a crisis plan in place, but with staff changes and changes in technology, you're not sure if it's relevant today. Together, we will look at the types of crises that could strike your organization and how different types can help or hinder your ability to communicate. We will talk about the competing role of stakeholders in a crisis, the role of media - traditional and social - and examine the importance of leadership.

April 13 - Digital Acquisitions - In this fast-paced fundraising world, nonprofits must continually grow and diversify their individual donor bases. This advanced level session is designed to help participants learn about the different channels and intricate techniques of digital acquisition. Using successful case studies to demonstrate online acquisition best practices, the session will touch upon lead generation, email fundraising, online advertising platforms and various testing techniques.

May 18 - Post Big Give Engagement Webinar


Webinars are hosted by GiveGab and are open to the public. Recordings are available to you here after each event.

Getting Ready for the Big Give

Thursday, January 19

10:30am CST - 11:30am CST

We’ll introduce ourselves to you, review everything you need to know about GiveGab, and answer any questions you have about our giving day platform. The webinar will conclude with a quick overview of how to register on the Big Give platform and how you can get started on GiveGab for the Big Give!

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Sharing your Story through Marketing and Promotions

Wednesday, March 1

10:30am CST - 11:30am CST

For nonprofit leaders and development staff on how to build a successful #BigGive2017 campaign in preparation for the day. We’ll look at successful examples from past campaigns that showcased inspiring stories of the impact of a nonprofit’s work. In this webinar, we’ll discuss expert strategies on developing relevant messages, wrapped in powerful stories, supported by data. We'll also share strategies and best practices for how to share your stories successfully for #BigGive2017.

We’ll conclude with a quick overview of the the Big Give Nonprofit Toolkit, and all of the resources, templates, and planning guides available to help you share your #BigGive2017 stories!

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The Power of Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Thursday, March 30

10:30am CST - 11:30am CST

For nonprofit leaders and development staff. Social, Personal, P2P or team fundraising are all names for the same concept: harnessing the power of your supporters and their networks to scale your impact. Peer fundraising leverages your team’s limited resources, spreads your story, and attracts new supporters. In this webinar, we’ll talk about how you can use the Big Gives platform to launch a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for #BigGive2017 and expand your reach to new supporters.

We’ll conclude with a quick overview of how to recruit P2P fundraisers through the Big Give platform and highlight the tools and resources available to turn your supporters into all-star fundraisers for your cause!


10 Final Steps for Success for the Big Give

Thursday, April 6

10:30am CST - 11:30am CST

For nonprofit leaders and development staff. #BigGive2017 is fast approaching, but there is still plenty of time to prepare your campaign and tell an amazing story to your supporters. In this webinar, we review the last- minute strategies you can focus on today to have a great day on May 4th.


Post-the Big Give Engagement

Thursday, May 18

10:30am CST - 11:30am CST

For nonprofit leaders and development staff. In this webinar, we review best practices for engaging newly acquired and repeat supporters from #BigGive2017. These ideas will help your organization keep your #BigGive2017 donors involved well after the day.