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What is a MATCHING gift?

During a giving day, matching gifts are donations that individuals or companies make that match any online donation dollar for dollar. Matches must be secured and entered on your giving day dashboard under the “Manage Sponsor Matching” action tab. Any matches that are fulfilled will count towards your total on the giving day.

Each organization is responsible for soliciting their own matching gift and communication with the donor(s).

Why should you try to secure a MATCHING gift?

  • Matching gifts allow organizations to leverage their fundraising efforts:
    • Every dollar you raise during the 24-hour period will count toward that dollar for dollar match. If you secure a matching gift, and enter it on your giving day profile, a goal thermometer will appear to countdown the match throughout the giving day.
  • The visual gives other donors an incentive to donate to your organization to help you reach your fundraising goals faster:
    • A match turns a $25 gift into a $50 gift, because every donation is doubled through the match funds.
  • Having a match inspires donors to give more to "unlock" extra funds for your nonprofit:
    • On average, having a matching opportunity increases donors likelihood to give by 22%, and increases gift amounts by 19%.

Can my organization have more than one MATCHING gift?

Yes - organizations can have more than one match on a giving day and each can recognize a different donor or sponsor who made the match possible.

What if the MATCH is not fulfilled?

There are two possibilities. The default setting if your match is not fully earned on the giving day is that the rest of the remaining balance will not count towards your organization’s total for the day. However, if whomever is providing the match has specified that they will fulfill the match whether or not it is earned, your organization has the ability to deplete the match at the end of the giving day in order for it to count towards your total raised. For step-by-step instructions on how to enable this feature, visit this blog.

Who should you talk to about MATCHING gifts?

Talk to your board, staff members, volunteers, donors, and community partners about making a matching gift for Big Give. We encourage you to secure matches ahead of March 26 so that they begin to appear on your profiles.

How do I create a MATCHING Gift?

Step 1: Head to your Big Give Dashboard through your GiveGab Account

Step 2: Click on "Manage Sponsor Matching"

Step 3: Select "Add Match Commitment"

Step 4: Customize Your Match

After clicking the "Add Match Commitment" button you'll be taken to a form where you can enter in the specific details of your match.

How do I explain a MATCHING gift to my supporters?

  • “We have a donor who is generously matching donations dollar-for-dollar up to $xxx so your gift can go even further on March 26. Donate to us at <insert unique link>.”
  • “Your donation can have twice as much impact during Big Give because we have a donor who is generously matching donations dollar-for-dollar - up to $xxx.”
  • “Why should you give today? Because your donation could be DOUBLED by our match of$xxx from a generous donor.”
  • “Donating today is twice as nice! XYZ donor has agreed to match donations dollar-for-dollar up to $xxx! Give now through <insert link>!”